The Food Division of Indukern launches E number free solutions for meat products

  •  Blend-a-Kern CFX, CEX and CII are blends with the same shelf life, appearance and flavour as conventional products
  •  This product ranges include blends for cooked, dried and fresh processed meats.
170116_IndukernAlimentación_sin números E

Barcelona, 16th January 2017.- Indukern’s Food Division, which develops, produces and distributes customised products and technical solutions for the food industry, has launched its new Blend-a-Kern CFX, CEX and CCI blends for E number-free meat products.

The new ranges are adapted to today’s market trends and the preferences of modern consumers who increasingly demand more natural products free from allergens and additives.

Made from natural plant-based ingredients and extracts, Blend-a-Kern CFX, CEX and CCI can be used to produce meat products with the same shelf-life, appearance and flavour as conventional processed meats with additives. The ranges include blends for dried meats, fresh processed meats, such as hamburgers or sausages; and cooked meats, such as hot dogs or ham.