Indukern creates an alternative to HM citrus pectins as a stabilizer for acidified milk drinks

  • Blend-a-Kern BFA 3415, based on soy fibre, exhibits greater stability and less sensitivity to dose reductions compared to any pectin.
  • Used at 50% of the standard dose of pectin the savings in cost are 25%.
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Barcelona, 13th January 2016.- The Food Division of Indukern, an Indukern Group company dedicated to the worldwide distribution of chemicals, launched Blend-a-Kern BFA 3415. A stabilizer based on a soluble fraction of Fuji Oil soy fibre as an alternative to citrus pectins used for the stabilization of acidified milk drinks.

Soy fibre has been used for more than 25 years in Japan and has a number of interesting advantages for customers, both in terms of use and in terms of costs.

First, having proven functionality at different use levels and in different juices compared to pectins of reference, Indukern results show that it presents greater stability than any pectin and less sensitivity to dose reductions.

Moreover, it is an alternative to potential availability problems and price increases of pectin – in fact, the predictions of the international market are for a significant increase in costs until late 2016.

The Food Division is one of six that currently make up the Indukern structure, along with the Flavour and Fragrance, Export, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Industrial Chemicals and Veterinary and Animal Nutrition divisions. Currently, this Division operates in three strategic lines of business: its activity as an intermediary between suppliers of raw materials and finished goods manufacturers, representing some of the best manufacturers in the world in its sector and its recent entry in the design, production and marketing of food solutions.