Indukern acquires Cytecsa, a Mexican company

Indukern, la empresa química del Grupo Indukern dedicada a la formulación, producción y asesoramiento técnico para diversos sectores industriales, ha adquirido la compañía mexicana Cytecsa, cuya actividad se centra en el desarrollo y comercialización de soluciones alimentarias, especialmente para la industria láctea.

• It is one of the country’s leading companies in technological solutions and premixes for the dairy industry.

• With this acquisition, the global turnover of the Indukern Food Division will reach 40 million euros in 2017.

Barcelona, 31st January 2017.- Indukern, the chemical company of The Indukern Group dedicated to formulation, production and technical support for different industrial sectors, has acquired Cytecsa, a Mexican company engaged in the development and marketing of food solutions, especially for the dairy industry.

Established in 2003, Cytecsa is one of the country’s leading companies in the field of premixes and technological solutions for the milk, cheese and ice cream industry. Headquartered in Mexico City, its facilities include a laboratory, a pilot plant, a production plant and several sales offices. It employees 46 people, who will now join the structure of the Indukern Food Division. Cytecsa’s founders will also continue to be part of the company, providing all their market experience and know-how.

With this acquisition, the global turnover of the Indukern Food Division will reach 40 million euros in 2017, practically tripling its sales from the last two years. According to Daniel Díaz-Varela, the company’s managing director, “this acquisition, in addition to helping to grow our turnover, is strategic because it continues to strengthen our position in Latin America, one of our key markets. Cytecsa markets its products not only in Mexico, but also in Central America and the Caribbean; it has an ambitious expansion plan that we will be supporting and promoting”.

Indukern has been present in Mexico since the year 2000 and its activity in the food sector was previously focused on the distributing additives. After purchasing Cytecsa, it will not only continue with this activity but also develop solutions to provide added value to its customers, in a market with great potential.

Confidence in the premix and food solution sector

In early 2015, Indukern, through its Food Division, decided to enter a new market segment beyond the distribution of additives: the design, production and marketing of premixes and food solutions. Since then, the company has made important investments to foster this business line.

They include its new Research and Development Centre, in the Logistics Area of the port of Barcelona, comprising a laboratory and two pilot plants that can simulate the production of beverages, cheese and meat products on a semi-industrial scale. In early 2016, Indukern also acquired 75% of Hexus Food, a Brazilian food company, which has strengthened its presence in the country where it has been operating since 1996. Another recent acquisition was the goodwill of VGP, a Spanish enterprise dedicated to the marketing of stabilisers, preservatives and other products, largely for the milk and cheese sector. Its present in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Central America and the Caribbean and, to a lesser extent, some European countries, will help Indukern being operating in new markets.