The activity of Kern Pharma is based on two strategic core areas of business:

  • Development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical products, with emphasis on generics and ethicals. It also markets products for the OTC market, biosimilars, women’s health (Gynea), health and sports nutrition (Finisher).
  • Comprehensive process of product development, contract manufacturing and chemical production for third parties.

The keys to the growth of Kern Pharma, which produces 100 million units per year, include constant investment in pharmaceutical development and a strong pledge to efficient work in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices that guarantee quality of production and of the end-product. The company is also committed to exports through registration in overseas countries and diversification into value added products.

The 200 molecules in its portfolio include some of the most successful products on the market such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofeno. Visit website