26 JUN 17

Indukern’s Food Division develops a new range of solutions for vegan desserts 

The Blend-a-Kern VLP range allows for the creation of 100% vegetable desserts with various textures and flavours These new solutions do not contain lactose or allergens,…

31 ENE 17

Indukern acquires Cytecsa, a Mexican company 

• It is one of the country’s leading companies in technological solutions and premixes for the dairy industry. • With this acquisition, the global turnover of…

16 ENE 17

The Food Division of Indukern launches E number free solutions for meat products 

 Blend-a-Kern CFX, CEX and CII are blends with the same shelf life, appearance and flavour as conventional products  This product ranges include blends for cooked, dried…

13 ENE 16

Indukern creates an alternative to HM citrus pectins as a stabilizer for acidified milk drinks 

Blend-a-Kern BFA 3415, based on soy fibre, exhibits greater stability and less sensitivity to dose reductions compared to any pectin. Used at 50% of the standard…



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