People are the engine that drives Indukern Group.

Our team is comprised of what we call “Great Great people”, employees who work in accordance with the company’s values: commitment, enthusiasm and desire to excel. In addition to this, they have the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the desired results.

Our HR policy is designed to anticipate the talent needs we’ll have in the future, and thus respond to the changing market and environment. In view of this, we invest a great deal of effort in identifying those people who can bring added value to our organization.

We are also fully committed to our internal talent and the schemes we provide for our employees are a testament to this fact. We offer schemes for career development, as well as for training and improvement of skills such as leadership, team management, communication and business vision. We also have tools that enable us to plan, evaluate, develop and keep that talent within the company.

We are conscious of the fact that, in order to have “Great Great people,” we have to offer a “Great place to work.” With this in mind, every day we strive to be an attractive company in which to build a career. We work hard to create a good work environment, in which people can grow and establish good, long-term relationships built on trust. In addition, we offer stability, soundness and benefits, and implement measures that protect the wellbeing and the health and the safety of our employees.

If you would like to be part of the Indukern Group team “Great Great people in a Great place to work”, see our job vacancies or send us your CV.